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SMART Human Resources Management Software

SMART Human Resource Management Software

SMART Human Resource Management Software manages employee information, training, certifications and OSHA compliance records. It’s the perfect human resource software solution for small businesses. Download your FREE 60-day trial version of the SMART Human Resource Management Software today.

Today’s Challenge:

Storing, updating and accessing employee records and information with paper-based systems is difficult and time-consuming process. And until now, human resource management software has been expensive, hard to implement and much more than most small- to mid-sized businesses need. In addition, these systems do not meet the needs of many companies employee training and OSHA recordkeeping requirements.

The Solution:

SMART Human Resource Management Software is an affordable, easy-to-use human resource software solution that provides Human Resource, Training and Compliance Managers with quick-and-easy access to all of their human resource records, training and compliance records and information.

The system operates in single user mode or can be configured for multi-user, client-server operation. SMART Human Resource Management Software is available for both PC and MAC operating systems.

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Key Capabilities:

  • Stores employee contact, compensation history and benefit information
  • Provides a summary of all human resource related information and status on one scrollable screen for ease of use
  • Documents and forms can be linked to the employee record for storage, easy access and viewing
  • Provides a uniform checklist to ensure all required forms are provided and completed
  • All types of documents including a scanned paper form, an electronic form printed to PDF format, a Word document, or any type of electronic file you wish can be linked to the system
  • Whatever types of HR documents you want can be scanned and linked to the SMART Human Resource Management Software system for long-term storage and easy retrieval
  • Separate password protected access enables the system administrator to restrict access to information
  • Manages benefits provided to each employee


  • Reduces costs by providing quick and easy access to records and information
  • Eliminates the cost for long-term storage of paper-based records
  • Ensures all employees have received and returned company specific HR documents

SMART Human Resource Management Software is part of the SMART Employee Information Management System. SMART modules can be added to manage employee training, and occupational health and safety (OSHA compliance) records.

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Software Price $395 per user

Windows, Mac and Network Compatible