System Trial and Purchase

To obtain a single user system, simply download the 60-day trial version from our web site and the software will operate for 60 days. During this time you can add your own data and test drive all the modules to determine if the software meets your needs before you buy.

When you are ready to purchase the software, simply return to this page and purchase the software using a credit card or select the billing option. We will then send you a code that will keep the system operating beyond the 60-day trial period.

Multi-User Pricing

If you are interested in a multi-user system quote, please click here and we will contact you with a price

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ADAM Environmental Information Management System

The ADAM system will enable you to manage asbestos, lead-based paint, indoor air quality records and information and store any type of electronic file or report associated with a building.

Module Price Add to Cart
Single User System $959.00