equipment management software
Equipment Management Software
SMART Equipment Management Software

Today’s Challenge:

Tracking and managing routine equipment maintenance and calibration on an ongoing basis is a difficult task for organizations with a large number of vehicles or equipment. And failure to properly maintain equipment can prove costly due to reduced life, additional repair costs and equipment down time.

Spreadsheet and paper-based solutions have severe limitations because they cannot be easily reviewed by management and don’t provide automatic alerts when maintenance activities are required. In addition, tracking and sharing information with everyone responsible for various pieces of equipment can be a difficult process.

The Solution:

The SMART Equipment Manager an affordable, easy-to-use software solution capable of storing, managing and tracking your equipment servicing program.

Simply enter equipment information and maintenance schedules and SMART’s built-in reminder system notifies you of upcoming and past due events each time you start the program.

The system operates in single user mode or can be configured for multi-user client-server operation. SMART is available for both PC and MAC operating systems.

Key Capabilities:
  • Manages all types of equipment and produces alerts when servicing is needed
  • Alerts can be based on hours of operation, miles traveled, or time intervals
  • The systems provides 10 user-definable fields to track any piece of information you want
  • The system tracks items such as:
    Vehicle servicing
    Equipment inspections and servicing
    HVAC system maintenance
    Laboratory equipment servicing and calibration
    Computer maintenance and system back-up events


  • Extends life of equipment by ensuring it is properly maintained
  • Saves time by tracking required maintenance activities for you
  • Provides quick and easy access to records, service history, and service provider information

Designed for use by:

Environmental Contractors Construction Contractors
Laboratories Colleges and Universities
Property Management Firms School Districts
Manufacturers Delivery Services
Hospitals Hotels
Government Agencies Commercial Building Owners

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Software Price $295 per user

Windows, Mac and Network Compatible