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Environmental Heath and Safety Managers

"I have evaluated several environmental data management systems for Colleges and Universities throughout the Northeast and ADAM was the best suited to meeting our needs. The ADAM Web Companion allows Environmental Safety Offices to centralize asbestos and lead based paint data for access by authorized users including Physical Plant and Project Planning/Management."

Steve Murdzia, Hazardous Materials Coordinator
Yale University

"I have been using ADAM since it was first developed and find it to be the most beneficial tracking tool that I have had the pleasure to use. The system is easy to use and can pull up information regarding the locations of asbestos and lead-based paint in the 1,200 buildings at our facility within seconds. As a result, the system has saved us countless man-hours we would have spent searching for information in file cabinets. The regulators have been very impressed with our system as well."

Nick Durflinger, Toxic Substances Program Manager
Luke Air Force Base

"What I like best about the system is the speed at which we can now get things done. ADAM is a great system that has long since paid for itself and saved the Air Force thousands of dollars. We are able to process our environmental inspections in fraction of the time it use to take. The technical support and training have been great."

Teddy M. James, Pollution Prevention Manager
Keesler Air Force Base

"Columbus Air Force Base has been using the ADAM System to manage asbestos and lead-based paint in our 268 buildings and 600 housing units since 1999.

ADAM provides our maintenance and construction crews with a quick reference tool.This has saved me a lot of time and has helped to reduce the risk of inadvertent disturbance of asbestos and lead. With ADAM, our crews know what hazards they will encounter before they start their work.

When I need help, EcoLogic’s technical support is just a phone call away."

Mike Blythe, Biological Specialist
Columbus Air Force Base

Environmental Consultants

We are using ADAM for a large survey of a school district that wants to use ADAM to manage their asbestos. The software has enabled us to improve data quality and project efficiency. The software has also saved us significant amounts of time on report preparation.

I really like the systems ability to link drawings and generate web pages so our clients can view their data via the web. The ability to classify data and view it in various modes has also been very beneficial.    

EcoLogic Systems has developed the most advanced and up-to-date technical support services that enable them to provide me with training via the web using PC Anywhere. Their technical support and training is easy to understand, and always available.

Sean P. Herrity, Staff Scientist
Sigma Engineering
"The ADAM asbestos and lead-based paint management program was integral to transforming our company from a small mom and pop operation to a midsize national environmental consulting company.

Data entry is quick and easy. As a result, ADAM has helped us increase our profit margins by reducing field inspection and report preparation time on every survey project. ADAM enables us to sort and search for materials with ease and obtain information in various formats and by various topics so we can better serve our clients."

Russ Nassof, President

"We are very happy with EcoLogic’s Abatement Monitoring Software. The field reporting functionality has enabled our company to share information between the office and the field very efficiently. Our clients are impressed with the professional looking reports and the drawings indicating our sampling locations and details.

EcoLogic responds quickly to provide technical support. Thank you EcoLogic Systems for helping us improve communications and the quality of our work."

Alan Caldwell, IH Field Manager
Environmental Health & Safety Innovators


Abatement Contractors

"We had EcoLogic Systems customize SMART to provide us with a complete office automation system. SMART has helped us improve our efficiencies both in the office and in the field. We use SMART to track our proposals, sales, receivables, employee health and safety records, generate agency notifications and manage our operations.

SMART has changed the way we conduct our business and saved us a considerable amount of money by enabling us to do more work with a smaller office staff. The technical support we have received has been extremely responsive. You guys are the best."

Chris Kirschenheuter, President
Bluewater Services, Inc.


"Our abatement contracting firm uses the SMART System to reduce the time and costs for complying with our regulatory requirements. We use SMART to store our employee training, exposure monitoring and medical surveillance data for OSHA compliance. We also use th
e system to track vehicle maintenance and various activities we need to perform on a periodic basis. What I like most are the tools that alert us when these activities are past due and the system’s reporting capabilities. The technical support and program customization has been very useful in helping us implement the system into our operations."

Edwin Munet, Human Resources Manager
Alliance Environmental Group
Representative Customers


ACC Environmental Consultants
Asset Group
BDN Industrial Hygiene Consultants
Burcham Environmental
CHC Technologies
Colden Corporation
EHS International
Environmental Health Services
EV Link
Environmental Services International
Galson Laboratories
Insulation & Environmental Services
Lozier Engineers
Med-Tox Northwest
Skookum Abatement Services
SRP Environmental
Testing Engineers and Consultants

Department of Defense

Camp Butler Marine Core
Columbus Air Force Base
Edwards Air Force Base
Ellsworth Air Force Base
FE Warren Air Force Base
Fort Campbell Army Base
Fort Sam Houston Army Base
Goodfellow Air Force Base
Keesler Air Force Base
Kusan Air Force Base
LA Air Force Base
Lockheed Martin – Marietta
Luke Air Force Base
MacDill Air Force Base
Malstrom Air Force Base
Mountain Home Air Force Base
Navy Public Works Yokosuka
Nellis Air Force Base
Offutt Air Force Base
Onizuka Air Force Base
Patrick Air Force Base
Peterson Air Force Base
Puget Sound Naval Shipyard
Scott Air Force Base
Thule Air Force Base
Vandenberg Air Force Base


Edison Mission Energy
Metropolitan Water District
Northeast Utilities


St. Helena Hospital
Danbury Hospital


California State University, Hayward
Smith College
University of Northern Colorado
Western Kentucky University
Cal State University Fullerton
Plattsburgh State University
Yale University

Government Agencies

City of Oakland
Federal Occupational Health
Port of Oakland
Port of Tacoma
Veterans Administration
Valley Forge National Historic Park

School Districts

Aurora Public School District
Boston Public School District
Des Moines Public Schools
Fort Bend Unified School District
Oakland Unified School District
Oxnard Unified School District
Gary Community School Corporation
Long Beach Unified School District
Parkway School District
Prince William County Schools
Richmond Community School District
Salinas Union High School District
Spokane Unified School District
San Juan Unified School District

Property Management Firms

Colliers Real Estate Services
Maxim Property Management


General Electric
Lucent Technologies
United Airlines
Wells Fargo Bank


Bulkmatic Transportation
Alliance Environmental Group
American Technologies
Bluewater Services